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    First and foremost, Welcome, and Thank you for taking the time to visit. I'm Christiana Lahai, CEO of Lahai African Market. I started this company not too long ago. Still up and coming, just barely got my toes wet. A little introduction about myself, I was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone (an English-speaking country) during the civil war period. My parents at the time were fortunate enough to migrate to a country nearby called Ivory Coast (a french speaking country) for safety but later adapted to the culture and decided to make this country our new home. Fast forward a few years later, I won the opportunity to move to the States. I was about 6yrs old and beyond enthusiastic. My parents never let me forget the reason why I was moving to the States, and that's to better my education just as my father did and to have a variety of doors open for me to have a more successful life. I traveled back and forth from the U.S to Africa over the years of my childhood, my parents thought it was vital that I never forget where I come from which is true. This helped me become the social butterfly that I am today, for that I am grateful. I interacted with many people including families that made their living through selling the little that they had to make ends meet. The problem wasn't that they didn't have enough, the problem was that their customers were the same people day after day. Rarely did they get new customers, not because people didn't travel, it was because they didn't have the means to reach a larger buyers market. From then on, I made a promise that when I grow up and become financially stable enough to take care of myself, I will do my best to give back to my continent. I will provide a means for business owners to strive and help widen their customer base to bring in a higher income, hence reduce the rate of poverty. Thankfully, that time came sooner than expected and I am beaming with joy immensely, just knowing that starting this company is going to play a hand in helping day to day hardworking individuals increase their earnings. Luckily I live in a decade where social media, internet usage, online shopping, and video streaming are very popular; easy to adapt, also everyone is accustom to. I can reach out to people from all corners of the world from the comfort of my home, which by itself blows my mind. Because I am privileged to experience this advantage, why not find a way to provide the same access and pleasure to my people back in Africa who aren't as prerogative as the rest of the world. I am a proud African who just wants the best for her people. Hope you have a great day! Thank you again for taking the time to get to know me. 

What's Our Mission

Our mission is to expand a business owner's means to access a wider range of customers from all rural and urban regions throughout Africa. We also offer a third-party service to a diverse group of customers that don't have the means or availability to purchase items or products that most sellers offer outside of their town, city, or country. Our goal is to bring forth a system that allows anyone to sell/buy or provide/receive services from someone who is 5 or more countries away from them at a click of a bottom. Yes, there are obstacles such as currency exchange, delivery, fraud, language barriers, country-to-country access, but most importantly payment. 
1. Currency exchange: We will check the rate and inform you prior to you receiving/ paying the total amount from your customers/ buyers.
2. Delivery: We offer 24/7 delivery and will consistently keep you informed throughout. We use a system that keeps tabs on the arrival of your product. You will be notified once the driver accepts your order, notified once the driver is on the way to the store, notified once the driver has arrived at the store, notified once the driver has verified your product and quantity. the driver will then pay for the product, you will be notified then, as well as when the driver is heading towards your location and finally, you will be notified once the driver has arrived. You will have access to view the driver's location at all times and the estimated arrival time throughout their delivery.
3. In order to prevent fraud, delivery is non-refundable. The money for the delivery is to pay the driver for accepting your order, going to the store, verifying your item & quantity, and delivering it safely to the customer's provided address. We want to be extremely cautious when working with business owners due to the high number of embezzlement. The driver will go to the store to verify your items if the items match your order & quantity, customer services will then transfer the customer's payment via mobile payment systems in order for the driver to pay for it. (This prevents the driver from stealing the customer's money and running away with it before arriving at the suggested store location.) But, if the items don't match, the driver will inform customer service, and they will refund you your money, the driver gets paid half of the delivery fee for the use of their time and gas. The customer does not get cheated off their money, and the driver is also happy for not wasting their time and effort with no pay. Everyone wins! 
4. Language Barrier: We will be opening offices in countries throughout Africa as fast as we can to prevent high international call costs to our consumers. This means that customers will most likely have the benefit of communicating with customer representatives from nearby cities who speak the same language. 
5. Country to country access: Our delivery team will be given passports access to travel from one country to another with no issues.
6. Payment: If you do not acquire a bank account, credit/ debit card, you will have the pleasure to pay with mobile payment systems and be able to receive money through the same process.